Water technology

Water can be “turned into a tool.” The effect of a wide variety of tools can be achieved through the magnitude of pressure, the amount of water, the temperature and the sizing and adjustment of the nozzles emitting the water jets, offering effective use in almost all areas of industry, under a wide range of conditions and expectations.

Water is not only a means of work, but also a “transport” medium that can be easily removed from the field of use through its physical and chemical characteristics, from which contaminants can be filtered out with high efficiency: thereby reducing the environmental load and last but not least the costs. , as the waste generated can be minimized.

The working medium is exclusively high-pressure (150 – 3000 bar) water with extremely high kinetic energy, without the addition of chemicals. At such high pressures, water acts as a solid cleaning medium. Different types of nozzles allow you to set a water jet that is “shaped” and working distance optimized for the purpose to be achieved. In the prior art, the cleaning of various surfaces was done by shot blasting. An experiment was performed to compare the efficiencies of the two technologies under controlled conditions. As a result of the experiment, we achieved more than five times the efficiency (We thank Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt. And the blasting companies for their participation in the experiment). The application of high-pressure water technology is also suitable for cleaning technological systems, and even for pipes that are blocked in full cross-section. When using the high-pressure water technique, we only use a chemical to avoid the formation of the rust by introducing the additive into the cleaning medium, so that the formation of the rust can be prevented and extended in time.

In a significant part of surface cleaning work, the removed coating (deposit) is considered hazardous waste, so it does not matter how much cleaning medium is mixed permanently, which increases the amount of hazardous waste and makes the total cost of cleaning more expensive. Aquablast® and Spiderjet® cleaning equipment Vacuum System® completely closed process, so that neither the cleaning medium nor the removed coating (deposition) enters the environment (zero emission). The waste generated during the cleaning – the removed coating (deposit) can be separated by mixture filtration and sedimentation at the same time as the work, so the high-pressure water technology does not generate the waste, the amount of the removed coating (deposit) is only approx. It grows by 10%! Thanks to the Aquajet system, various jobs can be completed in a short time without any restrictions. The possibilities of high-pressure water technology are not limited to the cleaning of various surfaces, but it is possible to cut any materials, demolish concrete structures, renovate buildings externally, and remove graphite.

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Water Technology

The working medium is exclusively high pressure
and water with extremely high kinetic energy, without the addition of chemicals.


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