Water is a
versatile tool

By the sizing and setting of the water emitting nozzles -
with the help of high pressure water - the impact of
different instruments can be achieved

Serving of
special needs

Development of unique systems integrated
into automatized production processes.

Wide range
of utilization

Cleaning of different surfaces, water cutting, cleaning of
heat exchangers and several other application possibilities.

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About us

The founders of AQAPROD Ltd. – which was established in 2001- had dual aims. They looked for effective, flexible and environment friendly solutions, which satisfy the complex needs in industrial and communal environment as well. After articulating the aims, the contact with the German Hammelmann Maschienenfabrik GmbH was a logical decision.

Hammelmann Maschienenfabrik GmbH was founded in 1949. It has more than 50 years experience in fields of production, development and consumption. Moreover, it obtained more than 300 registered patents in connection with the production and consumption of high pressure water. Hammelmann Maschienenfabrik GmbH is considered as one of the world’s biggest producer of high pressure water technology, having brand representation and daughter company network on the whole world’s market.

Our company, the AQUAPROD Ltd. has exclusive sales and marketing representation rights for products of Hammelmann Maschienenfabrik GmbH in Hungary, since 2001. This company takes into consideration the needs of its customers. That is why it is continuously broadening its product range. So by today, our company provides the official brand representation of Conjet, StoneAge Tools, Peinemann and Pratissoli high pressure water technology products. Our product range became complete and unique by the protection equipment of TST Sweden Ab. With the help of 15 years professional experiences and knowledge in water technology we provide:

  • distribution of high pressure pumps and its spare parts
  • sale of different high pressure accessories such as nozzles, hoses, protective clothing
  • reparation and periodic service of warranty products distributed by Aquaprod Ltd.
  • troubleshooting.

For further information, please do not hesitate to call us!

Tel.: +36 72 525 031

Water technology

The working fluid is only high-pressure

We like to work under high-pressure

3000 bar
water with high kinetic energy, without dosing chemicals.