Water is a
versatile tool

By the sizing and setting of the water emitting nozzles -
with the help of high pressure water - the impact of
different instruments can be achieved

Serving of
special needs

Development of unique systems integrated
into automatized production processes.

Wide range
of utilization

Cleaning of different surfaces, water cutting, cleaning of
heat exchangers and several other application possibilities.

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Welcome to our site!

In Hungary, only Aquaprod Ltd. has a unique, over 15 years’ experience in the field of high- and ultra-high pressure water technology.

As a result of our consistently implemented strategy we provide the commercial representation of the most famous water technology manufactures in the world.

Aquaprod Ltd.’s product range becomes unique and colorful in the market as we offer different solutions from various high pressure pumps, protective clothing to miscellaneous water technique robots.

Water technology

The working fluid is only high-pressure

We like to work under high-pressure

3000 bar
water with high kinetic energy, without dosing chemicals.

Interesting facts

Why is high pressure water-technology so effective?

Partly, because the water -emitting from nozzles- operates not only at high pressure but at an extraordinary speed as well.  Some interesting numerical data: the high pressure water used for cleaning emits from the nozzles at 2268 km/h at 2000 bar and at 2808 km/h speed at 3000 bar pressure. 

Concrete demolition with the power of water

Concrete is removed with the help of water during demolition. Water penetrates into the porous concrete, where inner pressure is evolved. If the inner pressure exceeds the tensile steadiness of the concrete, it will remove it. The hydrodemolition is the only way to remove concrete from the surface of sensitive buildings without causing further damages in the remaining part of the concrete. On demand, water jets can be set to remove only the predetermined quality of concrete, -which might be weak or damaged- up to the given depth under or above the reinforced concrete. This way, rust can also be eliminated as well. The surface of the remaining, good quality concrete will be rough, which ensures ideal binding for the new surface material.

Current News

Image change

Image change

2013 09 13 - Friday
The fall of 2013 is the fall of change for Gépszer Ltd. We await our Partners with a new design, and with the same old expertise.