Our business policy

Knowledge-based business:
We only take on tasks that we are able to solve and do not want to deal with “everything”. We provide professional services in our existing business lines.

Quality product – service:
The number one aspect of our work is the practical implementation of the “good first” principle within the required timeframe.

Motivated coworkers:
We believe that effective, good activities can only be pursued with trained, properly trained, committed employees. In addition to continuous training, courses, appropriate salaries and financial incentives, as well as other benefits (Christmas money, interest-free “corporate” loan, etc.), our company constantly strives to be able to truly operate as a company.

Respect the environment:
Aquaprod Kft. Is thinking in the long run, its owners and management want to operate and develop it in such a way that it represents value for future generations as well. However, this business idea only makes sense if we carry out our activities in the present in a way that creates a livable – enjoyable environment, leaving us behind. Our principle is that compliance with environmental protection standards cannot be a matter of economic consideration, they are mandatory at all times, and that efforts must be made to control and minimize the environmental impact of technological reasons.

Value creation:
We are proud to be able to contribute seamlessly to the needs of an ever-evolving world with our services that help the industry operate.

Reasonable development:
We have continuously spent the results of our work on the development of our company. The fact that we want to meet the expectations of our customers financially, we are able to finance our works and to undertake competitive payment deadlines also plays a role in our developments.

Our popular products

Water Technology

The working medium is exclusively high pressure
and water with extremely high kinetic energy, without the addition of chemicals.

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