Water is a
versatile tool

By the sizing and setting of the water emitting nozzles -
with the help of high pressure water - the impact of
different instruments can be achieved

Serving of
special needs

Development of unique systems integrated
into automatized production processes.

Wide range
of utilization

Cleaning of different surfaces, water cutting, cleaning of
heat exchangers and several other application possibilities.

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Water technology

Water can be transformed into a “tool”. By setting its pressure, quantity, temperature and the size of nozzles - emitting water jets – the effect of several, different tools can be accomplished. This way, - with the help of water- effective opportunities can be provided for utilization among highly differentiated conditions and expectations.

Water is not only the tool of work, but it is also a transmitting medium, which can be easily directed from consumption field thanks to its physical and chemical characteristics. Contaminations can be effectively filtrated out of water. This way, the environmental load and the costs can be eliminated because the generated waste is minimized.

The working media is an exclusively high pressured (150-300 bar) water having kinetic energy without any kinds of added reagent. At such a high pressure, the water behaves like a concise cleaning material. By the different types of nozzles, the optimized shape and distance of the water jet can bet set for the attainable purpose.

The cleaning of different surfaces used to be done by blasting. Under controlled circumstances we began experiments to compare the effectiveness of the two technologies. As a result, we achieved more than 5 times higher effectiveness (special thanks to Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt. for the assistance and contribution with the experiment). The high pressure water technology is able to clean technological systems. Moreover, it constitutes as a successful procedure in case of cross-sectional blocked tubes. In water technology, we only use added chemicals in order to avoid the chance of the evolvement of rust.

In most cases of surface cleaning processes, the removed subsidence constitutes as dangerous waste. So it does matter, with how much cleaning material it is mixed, increasing the quantity of the dangerous waste and also the costs of cleaning. The vacuum system of Aquablast and Spiderjet cleaning equipment allows the completely closed cleaning process, so neither the cleaning material nor the removed subsidence gets into the environment (zero emission). The waste generated during the cleaning- removed subsidence- can be separated by filtration or sedimentation at the same time with the working operations. So the high pressure water technology does not generate waste, the quantity of the removed subsidence is increased only by 10%! Thanks to the Aquajet system different jobs can be performed without commitment, within short deadlines. The possibilities of high pressure water technology are not limited to the cleaning of different surfaces. It is also possible to cut up other materials, to break down concrete structures, to renovate the outside of buildings and to remove graffiti.

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