Water is a
versatile tool

By the sizing and setting of the water emitting nozzles -
with the help of high pressure water - the impact of
different instruments can be achieved

Serving of
special needs

Development of unique systems integrated
into automatized production processes.

Wide range
of utilization

Cleaning of different surfaces, water cutting, cleaning of
heat exchangers and several other application possibilities.

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South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster

We are happy to announce that Gepszer Ltd is cofounder of the South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster (SWHEC).

The South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster (SWHEC) was founded in March 2011. The South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster is the biggest one in the region both in respect of revenues and size of the Cluster members.

At present, the Cluster consists of 18 members from the South West Hungarian region having the following major objectives:

– Market-based collaboration

– To strengthen the Cluster internal market, common capacity utilization

– To establish and operate a platform for experience and information exchange

– To dynamize the innovative activity, to develop common products

– To develop vocational training courses for mechanical engineering

– To establish professional relationship with other industrial branches and clusters

– Joint procurement of energy, services and materials

– To create a common database system

– Common domestic and international presence and representation

– To establish common, powerful lobby activity