Water is a
versatile tool

By the sizing and setting of the water emitting nozzles -
with the help of high pressure water - the impact of
different instruments can be achieved

Serving of
special needs

Development of unique systems integrated
into automatized production processes.

Wide range
of utilization

Cleaning of different surfaces, water cutting, cleaning of
heat exchangers and several other application possibilities.

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Image change

The fall of 2013 is the fall of change for Gépszer Ltd. We await our Partners with a new design, and with the same old expertise.

Old company logo:

New company logo:

The launch of the new website and the change of the company image are part of a new strategie. The first step of this strategie was the change of the companys name

DC Gépszer Ltd, wanted to simplify its image also with it's new name, so our company is listed from now on as

Gépszer Ltd in every public register.

Our site www.gepszer.hu is designed according to the new company image. Although the complete image change - replacement of company cars, company outfitts etc - is still in progress.